This is the old site of Skybound Software

If you see this, then you're probably in the wrong place.
This site only exists to support some ancient CGI applications that are still in use.

Club Aircraft Booker

This is a club aircraft booking system I made for 2 local flying clubs. Each club has their own administrators and users. This system can easily support a virtually unlimited number of flying clubs.
Booking systems of some clubs currently using it:
CG-UFT Owners (in Ottowa)
PH-676 Owners
Tynset flyklubb (club link:

Visual Aircraft Weight & Balance Calculator

This is a free web service for aircraft pilots. You can use it by clicking here. This application consists of a combination of Perl CGI scripts, Perl modules, Javascript, and Java applets. This service is a good example of how Javascript can communicate with Java applets and vice versa.